Many Company Pages on LinkedIn have grown to a large number of followers. But way too often the follower base is not based on customers or potential customers but consists of employees and their friends and family.

And there is nothing wrong with that – this is where most of us start. Even so it would be nice to know how many of the “right” followers we can actually reach when we publish content from our Company Page.   

First of all, you should segment your different target groups into broad categories. For example, are you looking for sales profiles? Or maybe people working with HR? And if so, should they be employed in a company of a certain size? Or from a specific industry?

There are (unfortunately) still limits to how far LinkedIn can reach when it comes to searching for specific profiles – at least when you search through your Company Page. Nevertheless, you can still make a quite specific analysis of your followers. When doing so, you can use two different tools on LinkedIn. Both of them require that you are an admin of the page and both tools can be used for Showcase Pages as well:

LinkedIn Analytics

Overblik over followers - LinkedIn company page

If you need a simple overview of your followers based on industry, function, seniority etc. this is the easiest solution. LinkedIn Analytics is the tab to the right of the Home tab.

Click on the tab and scroll down to the section Followers. Here you can view the overall statistics on the page’s followers divided into percentages. (See example to the right).

You can read more about LinkedIn Analytics here.

The function Targeted Audience

Do you need to get more detailed information? If for example you want to search by title or similar I recommend using a function that is actually there for a completely different reason – which is posting targeted messages to your follower base.

This function is placed just under the box where you write your company updates – click on All followers as shown below, and then choose Targeted Audience.

Analyer dine Company Page followers


Eksempel på follower analyse - LinkedIn Company Page

A new box will then pop up and give you several options. It is not 100 % optimal for everybody as it does not allow you to manually search titles etc., but it can still give you useful information about your followers as you can cross off several fields at a time.

Let’s say you want to know how many of your followers that are working with accounting – you simply choose this function. If you also wish to know how many of these work within a specific industry, you just cross of the fields you are interested in. To the right LinkedIn shows you how many followers you have matching these criteria.

As mentioned before, this function is actually made for the purpose of targeting your company updates to your follower base. Here, however, you need to be aware of a potential challenge; you need at least 100 followers in your chosen segment in order to be able to target an update. For this reason a lot of companies are not yet able to use this function – but that does not keep you from using it to get information about your follower base and see how many of them match your criteria.

The continuous work with the “right” followers

These two tools can be useful in the continuous work with analysing your effort; Are we talking to the “right”people? Do we have any target groups we need to focus more on?

You can also use your analysis to set better objectives – instead of “before summer we need to increase our follower base with xx followers” work towards “before summer we need to increase our follower base with xx followers from xx industry”.

If it turns out that you currently do not have the “right” followers in your follower base, it is often a question of whether you have relevant content for the target group. If you do, what you need is probably more visibility. Maybe you should use Sponsored Updates?

What is your own experience?

Have you ever analysed you LinkedIn Company Page’s followers? Share your comments below.




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