LinkedIn is still rolling out its new design for Company Pages, Showcase Pages, and personal profiles. Many users may have noticed that these new changes have created a number of challenges – such as functions that have been temporarily out of order – the so-called “LinkedIn Bugs”.

One of the major bugs has been the inability to edit or add images to link updates from Company Pages and Showcase Pages. This bug has now been fixed, and therefore we have created this guide on how to create the perfect link update – WITH an image.

Why the ’link updates’?

When posting from your Company Page or Showcase Page, it is possible to create either a ’link post’ or a post with an image. The major difference between the two options is that the image on link updates will link to a given website when clicked on, whereas a post with an image will just be enlarged when clicked on.

This fact about ‘image updates’ create some challenges. On one hand, people using the sharing function on LinkedIn will only share the image and not the text your company has created (which may contain a link or other important info). On the other hand, people may instinctively click on the image – in this case without getting any additional information, a subsequent website visit or similar – which may be what is expected.

Below we provide an example of both a link update and an image update.


Link update:

Image update:

How to create a link update with the correct image

When you create a link update, the procedure is fairly simple. To guide you through the process, we provide a step-by-step guide below.


  1. Access the ‘Manage page’ tab
  1. Insert the link in the text field

Depending on the website that you’re linking to, an image may or may not appear – and, in some cases, the wrong image will appear, as in the case below:

  1. Change or add an image to your update

Click on the camera icon, select the correct image from your folder and choose open.

The image is now changed and now appears as follows:

Afterwards, you can delete the link in the text field and insert the correct text.

Note: Remember to create a short text for the update, up to a maximum of 150 characters. This will ensure that all text is visible on most devices without the need to click the “see more” button.


  1. Share the update by using the “Post button”.

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