LinkedIn is once again launching a new product – and this time it’s a really interesting one. In the future LinkedIn Elevate, as it is called, will make it easier for companies to benefit from the fact that employees share relevant content with their network.

The effort of the employees is essential

Today most people are aware of the importance of colleagues that share the company’s content in order to increase visibility. However, only few people know just how effective this can be.

According to LinkedIn, every time an employee shares six pieces of content to its network (on average) the following happens:

  • The employee receives six profile views
  • The employee makes two new connections
  • The Company Page will receive six job views
  • The Company Page will get three views
  • The Company Page will acquire one new follower.

In average only two percent of employees share content their company has shared on LinkedIn, which is a shame as it could possibly provide tremendous value. Some of the biggest challenges for a lot of people are time and resources. Due to the fact that in order to be successful you must firstly, find relevant content, then ask your colleagues to share it, and lastly, measure the effect.

What is LinkedIn Elevate?

Elevate is a brand new tool that helps companies find and gather relevant content which they can share with their employees. Elevate gathers content from LinkedIn’s own news service Pulse, the service Newsle, and “human input”, and makes it easier for the employees to share content.                                                                                                       

Furthermore, Elevate contains powerful analytics for both the employees and the company, which makes it easy to maintain an overview of how many that has seen, liked, shared, and commented on the content.

According to LinkedIn these data will continuously be improved so that in time you will be able to get insights, like who viewed your profile and requested to connect as a result of the content you shared and etc.

Companies will also get insights to the number of visitors on the Company Page and new followers that has been acquired through the shared content.

Elevate will be available as an app for both iOS, Android, and desktop, from where you can easily share content to LinkedIn or Twitter. In addition it will be possible to make use of Elevate’s smart scheduling skills that ensure your content gets shared when your network is most active.

Who uses LinkedIn Elevate today – and when can we?

Elevate 2Elevate has yet been rolled out to a few chosen companies, like Adobe and Unilever. Employees who participated in the pilot program shared six times more often than before. As a result one of the test companies experienced that their employees received four times more profile views, several new connections, and Unilever experienced four times more visits to their Company Page, two times more Company Page followers, and six times more job views.

As mentioned, LinkedIn Elevate is still only available to a few handpicked companies, but will according to schedule be accessible in the third quarter. So far there is no information on price level, however  I am fairly certain that this will be a paid product.

Get more information on LinkedIn Elevate here

What’s your thoughts?

Do you see yourself using LinkedIn Elevate in your company?


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