If you haven’t already seen what an incredible effect LinkedIn may have in sales, you definitely shouldn’t wait any longer!

Here are 6 pieces of advice that strengthen your sales work. All suggestions can be used without a paid profile. 1. USE THE FUNCTION “ADVANCED SEARCH” To search for:

  • Specific business profiles, e.g. marketing leaders
  • Specific  branches
  • Companies
  • Keywords

This way you will get a quick and effective overview of how your network is linked together and this can help you in getting a sales meeting. Go to LinkedIn Search here

2. FOLLOW COMPANIES ON LINKEDIN Follow relevant companies by using the function Follow. This function updates you with the company’s most recent posts, e.g. press releases, new jobs, articles, etc.

3. HOW ARE YOU CONNECTED? Every time you see a Company Page, you will be able to see if your network can be used as a way into the company through your personal connections or 2.nd. connections.

4. SAVED SEARCHES Use the function ”Saved Searches” to ensure regular updates if any changes occur in your search.

5. SEARCH YOUR NETWORK Consider searching your connections’ connections. People in your personal network, who have chosen to make their connections visible to others, you got two options: Either you can search on keywords and specific companies. This is a very strong tool because you search among your own connections, which gives you have a good chance to ask for help if you want to connect with a specific person.

6. USE TAGS Use ”tags” to group your network. This will give you a good overview of people who work in e.g. marketing, leads or existing customers. Think about how you group your network in a way that benefits your network and sales work.

NB! Tags will from March 31, 2017 be removed from the free version of LinkedIn and instead become part of the paid product, Sales Navigator (updated December 14, 2016).

Last but not least, you should use the new opportunities with LinkedIn Contacts.

Good luck with using LinkedIn in your sales!

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