Since the end of 2011, I have diligently used LinkedIn to make appointments, meetings and generate leads, and it is a fantastic source for creating commercial results.

Most commercial profiles, regardless of whether one is working in a bank, an IT firm or consultancy, knows the challenge of ensuring that quality appointments are in the calendar.

By using LinkedIn professionally to book meetings, you will experience that the platform is exceptional on many levels. The reasons for this, in my opinion, are the following:

  1. The volume of personal emails you receive on LinkedIn is negligible in comparison to what you receive on a company mail. In the month of January, I received 16 personal messages on LinkedIn. In my work email, messages amounted to more than 1000. Something to consider…and I should add that I had taken the initiative in 8 out of the 16 messages.
  2. I have experienced that when I write to my personal network (by using the message function), I feel more obliged to answer. They are, after all, in a network with me.
  3. When people receive a message from me, they can see my professional headline and my picture. This creates a strong starting point for personal branding.
  4. Even though I have made use of LinkedIn messages for years and trained more than 4000 in its use, there are few that make use of this smart function.
  5. Few people have made use of tags and therefore have a confused overview of leads, decision makers, existing and potentials clients, who do business with the competition. NB! Tags will from March 31, 2017 be removed from the free version of LinkedIn and instead become part of the paid product, Sales Navigator (updated December 14, 2016).

By taking the above into consideration, I would like to give a concrete example of how I use LinkedIn messages to make appointments.

(The following message is translated from the original message in Danish)

LinkedIn message


When I send this type of message, an average of 23.8% say yes to an appointment.

I wish you luck with making appointments through LinkedIn, and I would recommend that you follow our page LinkedIn For Businesses on LinkedIn for more tips, tricks and news within this topic.

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