How to succeed with your Social Selling leadership on LinkedIn

The book is written as a practical guide for the many directors and managers seeking a fast track to Social Selling.  It’s packed with how-to’s, best practices, and case studies to achieve success in this field — the future of B2B selling.


  • What is Social Selling?
  • How did we get here? – The sales evolution
  • The power of Social and Challenger Sale
  • Creating subject-matter experts within your industry
  • How to execute Social Selling
  • The Social Selling blueprint
  • Exclusive case studies.

Author: Nicolai Haeggelin

Founder and CEO of Digital Works

Nicolai has 7 years of Social Selling experience, training more than 9,000 professionals on how to leverage LinkedIn for success. Nicolai is currently training companies such as Microsoft, Implement Consulting Group, and Danske Bank in Social Selling.

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