We create customized in-company training days, education programs and workshops focused on creating better results with digital marketing. Based on your targets and needs, we’ll design the perfect in-company training programme, highly relevant to your organization and your team, so you’ll have the best starting point for creating great results.

Digital Works hosts more than 80 seminars and training sessions a year in both English and Danish. We host digital marketing courses and Master Classes in the professional use of LinkedIn, social media, e-mail marketing and newsletters.

Popular workshops and in-company education programs are:

  • Using LinkedIn for Social Selling
  • B2B Content Marketing strategy
  • Using LinkedIn for employer branding and HR
  • Using LinkedIn for Employee Advocacy
  • Ensuring a professional presence on LinkedIn
  • Optimizing sales through e-mail marketing and newsletters.

Our focus is to ensure your company’s professional presence in the long run – primarily in regards to the commercial opportunities, lead generation, content and commitment.

Please contact us for future courses and seminars in English.

Looking for courses and Master Classes in Danish?

For our Danish courses and events, please go to our Danish event calendar.


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